Ah, crap. I’ve joined the blogging community. Officially. [Insert sarcastic tone of voice here!]


Today I found myself asking: WHAT HAPPENED TO MAY?!?!?


I was genuinely surprised that it was the last day of the month of May. [That rhyme was not entirely planned…] It’s hard to believe that one month ago, I graduated from college, and that I’ve enjoyed four weeks of the rest of my life, since I’m not continuing any sort of formal education for the time being. I’ve spent this entire month doing something that, even a few months ago, I would have thought I’d never do. Oh yeah, I should mention what that thing is. Sorry. [There really needs to be a sarcasm font.]


Before I get to it though, unless you’ve seen or heard it mentioned somewhere else, let me tell the collective you something. I get mixed reactions for the path I’m following. Some people wonder why I am doing this instead of going on with some sort of formal education. It’s like they are mentally asking themselves, “What the crap is she doing? Why would she do that? There is so much more that she could do, and she’s choosing … this??” And then others seem to be proud of me and can see that I am doing something that I’d only be able to do because God is there giving me the strength to do this.


What am I doing? Okay, I’ll tell you. I’m helping take care of my mom’s mom who has white matter dementia. This means helping her sit in chairs, get up from said chairs, lay down in bed, brush her teeth, get dressed, and even help her get to the toilet. When she doesn’t make it in time, I change her diaper.


See, white matter dementia is different from gray matter dementia. Gray matter dementia is what most people think of when they hear “dementia”. A type of gray matter dementia is Alzheimer’s. This is the degeneration of gray matter in the brain. [Yes, scientists are an imaginative bunch.] White matter dementia is the degeneration of white matter in the brain. [Duh.] Remember biology class and learning about brain cells? There are certain ones that have myelin sheaths, which speeds up the transmission of signals, to put it simply. With white matter dementia, the myelin goes away. This mainly effects motor functions and control.


Don’t worry, I won’t be this wordy/science-y in the future. …I hope! 😛


In this blog, I plan on sharing some of the more humorous moments I’ve shared with my grandma. Probably some other random things as well. [I’m known for my randomness! 😀 ]


That’s all from me for now!


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