I was going to post this tomorrow, but I was excited to post. 🙂


Grandpa asked me, a couple weeks ago, how many hours I’d worked that week. I told him that, at the end of the day, I would have worked 20 hours. He wanted to pay me for my work. So, he pulled out his wallet and gave me a $20 bill.


I am not planning on telling you all how much I make, but I’ll tell you that I usually don’t make $1 an hour.


Although, Grandpa did say that he’d pay me what he could as the money was coming from one of his sisters. So I pocketed the money, figuring there would probably be weeks that I would make more money than others.


A little while later, I was helping Grandma get dressed to go out to dinner with some of their friends, when Grandpa comes in the room and, with a smile, demands his money.


“You stinker!” he told me. He’d realized that he normally paid me more money than a dollar an hour, and told me that my check was on the table.


Grandma wondered how much I was supposed to make, and I told her that I didn’t always know, but I figured it wasn’t worth arguing about.


Looking pleased, she said, “That’s right! Don’t argue with your neighbors.”


Lesson learned, Grandma. Lesson learned. Smile


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  1. laillei says:

    ❤ the wisdom that comes from our elders! ❤