Good morning. I have now been up for a while. My day really started at 1 am this morning. Why? My grandpa (the one I’m helping) went to the hospital with chest pain. He’s now in a different hospital two hours away, but I won’t say where on this blog. If you know me personally, ask me on facebook for details. [This is public, and my facebook is private, and I like a bit of privacy in my life.]

Needless to say, my family needs prayer. I start feeling the little “what-ifs”, then I realize that God has us in His hands and that He’ll take care of us, even if the outcome is different than what we want.

So, at 1 this morning, my mom and I went over to her parents’ house because her mom can’t be left alone, even for a few minutes. You’d be surprised how quickly an 83-year-old woman can get into things! 😉 But from 1 am to 7 am, taking care of that mischievous woman is a piece of cake.

Compared to her dog.

His name is Arky J. Barky. [My grandparents have a thing for weird dog names. I may have to tell stories about some other ones at a later date.] He is a dachshund and the ruler of his home. When I’m there, there’s a bit of a dominance struggle because I’m of a mind that dogs should not be the leaders of the pack, humans should. Sometimes he listens.

This morning, I had to deal with Arky puking, piddling, demanding to go out and waking Grandma, and sticking his nose in my face while I was trying to doze on the couch.

In a few hours I’m heading back over to my grandparents’ house, and I’m having trouble typing I’m so tired. I think I caught all my spelling errors. 🙂

I’m putting this in my “Life’s Little Lessons” category because I learned that short-legged monsters dogs are more work than people. 😛


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