Hi everyone! Sorry I didn’t write on Monday… I intended to, but I got a new toy for my electric guitar and completely lost track of time. It was nice to have a great distraction from everything though. 🙂


I’m trying something new again… hopefully it works! I’m writing this in Microsoft Word and I’m hoping to be able to copy and paste this into the blog-write-y area [technical terms].


Cute story, though. Tuesday night, I was sitting outside enjoying a quiet, peaceful evening/night (it was close to 9 pm and I’d just gotten back from helping take care of Grandma) and reading Edith (my Kindle). My two dogs were enjoying the outdoors as well, as they’d been locked up while I was gone (4 or 5 hours). After some time, Girl Dog heard something in the field next to the house, and went to the other side of the deck and barked once. I hushed her because I was enjoying the peace, and there was nothing that I could perceive to be bark-worthy. My efforts were somewhat fruitless, as I heard some barking in response. Normally that’s not unusual, but this barking did not come from a dog. Some of my neighbors were walking nearby from their parents’ house to their house, and one of the kids barked in response to Girl Dog’s barks.


Kinda reminded me of my childhood self. 😀


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    It didn’t work *quite* the way I’d intended … maybe the font unrecognized. I’ll keep trying different things 😀