I originally wrote this on Friday, June 17, 2011. I’m posting this on Saturday, though, and I’m adding some new things to it as well. Why? The internet was down. It had been all day Friday. And I spent the night at an internet-less place to help take care of Grandma. That has been going better, because Grandpa is now able to help a bit more again. 😀

I was going stir-crazy there without my internet! Part of it is that I like going on facebook, but I also read a *lot* of comics and then I had to wait … and I don’t like waiting all that much! *sigh* But I guess I had to. [Patience is a virtue, unless being plagued by a mummy. …Zombies might qualify as well.]

Because I was unable to post this on the day I’d like, and my brain is sort of worn down and I’m lacking inspiration to draw anything, I have an amusing anecdote to share. There’s something that happens once a year in the little town in which I reside, and it’s happening today. It’s a dreaded day for me, but that might just be because there’s increased foot and car traffic and one of the neighbors participate which wouldn’t normally bother me except they use their garage that’s *directly* behind my house and I feel like I have no privacy if I want to sit outside and my dogs bark incessantly because of the increased foot and car traffic. Oh, I forgot to mention that these neighbors have most of their relatives also participate and they have to prepare *thoroughly* for this event which means about a week of increased traffic (though not as bad as the actual day) and a lack of privacy and barky dogs. The event is a yearly garage sale. Most everyone in this town sells their crap on *one* day. And they also go and buy other people’s crap. I think of it as “Swapping Crap Day”. Next year, you’ll see the same crap being sold, just at someone else’s house.

What if you want to have a garage sale on a different day of the year? No one will come and some people may even stop talking to you for a bit. The joys of living in a small town where there are unspoken rules. I wouldn’t even know there *was* a community-wide garage sale occurring if my neighbors weren’t participating.  It’s always really nice to be out of town for that day, but alas I cannot avoid it this year. Not that I’m complaining, mind. I would much rather be in town and go to a friend’s baby shower [which was fun and I won a candle] and get some free food at an open house or two (the joys of being a teacher’s kid). 😀

I just really don’t understand the garage sale thing. …Maybe I don’t want to 😛

EDIT: The dogs aren’t that barky today, but they had been all week. I think they finally acclimated. Just in time for it to end. Figures.



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