An All House Fan is a Great Idea … Until it’s Not

To sort of make up for a lack of comic-y-ness on Saturday, I thought I’d include pictures with this entry. 😀

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Story time! Gather ’round, young ones, and don’t forget your teddy bear. [Does anyone remember Lamb Chops and the teddy bear thing?] I’ll give you a few minutes to find your bear.







Found it yet? If not, you can temporarily borrow one of mine. No, only borrow. You can’t keep it forever. >.>

Once up0n a time, there was a family of people. They were ordinary people except for the fact that they were unusual in almost every single way. (I just might be a member of this ordinarily unusual family.) One of the weird things about them was their house.

This is not their house. This is a normal house.

Their house had a fan. Let me explain. This house had a fan in the attic. Let me  further explain. This house had a fan in the floor of the attic.

This fan sucked the air from the outside into the house to the outside. Please look at this rough sketch of a diagram:

1) There is cooler air outside the house.

2) The cooler air outside gets sucked into the house through open windows by the fan.

3) The hot air from the house is forced outside through the vents by the fan.

This creates a nice, cool wind breeze that sucks everything not tied down up into the fan playfully plays with my nice long hair.

It really does work quite well, and I really enjoy having my room be nice and cool. It’s much easier in which to sleep (at least for me) in a cold room.

And then, the rest of the house is freezing, while my room feels like it’s just cooled down. The fan gets turned off.

Instantly, I start to sweat.

The moral of the story is: Keep a personal fan (or two) in your room to keep the air moving.

The End.


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  1. Kristin says:

    Omg Katelyn I miss you and this made me giggle. And I totally agree about the cold room 😉