Internet, for the past few days, has been unreliable. There is so much that I’ve missed! Smile with tongue out

But in my state of extreme boredom because I am imaginative and I make the best of every situation, I ignored all the things I was missing and went outside to take my rat terriers hunting. I live in and next to a hay field, so there are lots smells of mice and birds and whatever else the dogs find, which fulfills their need of a job. For those of you who are familiar, yes, I do like Cesar Millan.

Speaking of which, I’ve noticed that over the last year or so, there has been a major improvement in my dogs’ behavior. When people come over, yes the dogs bark, but they bark less than what they used to. When the neighbors are walking around their yard (part of which is directly behind our house) the dogs bark mainly when the neighbors dogs are over there. And again, not as much as they used to.

Yesterday, while I was walking around the yard with the dogs, I sat on this wooden deck thing my mom has in one of her gardens. Last year if I had done this, Girl Dog, the hyper thing that she is, would have whined and cried and made all sorts of noises and pulled and pulled and pulled on the leash because she wasn’t able to run around and sniff all the sniffs. Yesterday she whined a tiny little bit, didn’t really pull (just leaned a tiny little bit) then relaxed and enjoyed the shade. Boy Dog, of course, was very relaxed and content because he was with mommy. ^_^

I give the credit to Cesar Millan. Now that I’ve asserted myself as leader of the pack, my dogs have less anxiety and freak out less and bark less … you get the picture. Smile 


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