Hi again! I’m back from an amazing weekend away and spending time with my family. I spent most of the 4th driving home, though. Nice thing was, all the traffic was going south and we were going north. ^_^

I hope you all [or “y’all” as it is fun to say Winking smile] had a safe Independence Day [if you live in the States, or a safe Monday if you don’t]. I stress safety for this particular weekend because my family is accident prone. Especially during the 4th of July weekend.

One of my cousins has broken an arm, and he’d only been to the family cabin for a few minutes. [Pipes that stick out of the wall a couple inches and that run parallel to said wall + kid jumping on a bed next to said wall with pipes = bad time.] One year, I got chased by a dog with rabies and my mom and grandpa [Dad’s dad] were bitten by the rabid dog, and at the same time my sister was out in a little sailboat with Dad and it tipped, causing Sister to have two black eyes from the water hitting her glasses hitting her eyes. It was a bad day. Sister has also stepped on an inch-long tack [different year than the sailboat incident], Grandpa [same one that was bitten by the rabid dog] hooked his thumb with a fishing hook and drove himself to a hospital 2 hours away … Do you get the picture? [This doesn’t even cover *everything* that has happened over the years … but my brain is tired and I can’t remember everything. OH, and most of these things happened in different years (except where noted).]

I hope your 4th of July this year was tame. Mine was [in comparison]. Smile


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