“Quick, quick, quick! Hurry, hurry, hurry!”

The girl followed the squirrel, running as fast as she could. The squirrel was running at an alarming pace, zigging and zagging and ducking and weaving through the forest. She was having a difficult time staying with the squirrel. The sound of the wolves’ breathing and huffing was getting louder as they ran through the underbrush. They were coming closer.

Suddenly the squirrel was directly in front of her. She gasped in surprise; it was the only noise she could make she was so out of breath.

“It’s too late,” the squirrel said. “They’re too fast or you’re too slow. Not that I’m blaming you,” he added.

She gasped some more, maybe a question.

“I’ll tell you what we’re going to do,” the squirrel answered. “This a girl so very tall-ey, make her short and very small-ey!” He waved his little arms in front of her to cast the spell.

The world seemed to expand. The squirrel, whose head once came to her knee, now towered above her. He grabbed a nearby teapot, picked her up off the ground, and shoved her into the pot.

“They won’t find you in here,” he whispered. “Just stay quiet.”

She could feel the teapot being set down and heard the squirrel dart up a tree. Then she heard the thud of wolf feet hitting the ground and the snuffing of wolf noses.

“She came this way, Captain,” a gruff voice said. “She was with a squirrel.”

“The squirrel ran up this tree,” a different wolf said. “I don’t know what happened to her.”

“Captain, can they run up trees?” the first wolf asked, referring to the girl.

“No,” said a third wolf. The sound of his voice caused a shiver to run down the girl’s spine. “She’s hidden. That squirrel hid her somewhere. We’ll find her, if we wait.”

The girl might have had a chance, she would have stayed hidden, if it hadn’t been for the tea leaves and spices in the bottom of the teapot. The smell of ginger always made her sneeze.


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