As I believe I stated Monday, there’s an open house this Friday for the new wing at the assisted living facility that my Grandma is going to move into. [That was a convoluted sentence.] This morning around 5:30 [one of the times Grandma was up], she told me she wanted me to come with her. Which is fine, and should be kind of fun. Grandma is so excited to move into the “new house”. Smile

Also, my dear and lovely sister [she has her own blog, too at, but she doesn’t post regularly because she’s a mom and for some reason wants to spend time with her kid] is getting married soon, and this weekend I’m throwing her a bridal shower! So, Friday and Saturday I’ll be very busy with both of those events… [Sunday, too, probably, but this doesn’t mess with my posting schedule because, as Uncle Vernon stated so well in Sorcerer’s Stone: There’s no post on Sunday]

If I find the time, and/or am inspired, I might have a post Friday and/or a comic/sketch thing Saturday. I am working on some funny stories about my childhood, so maybe Monday(?) I’ll get one posted. Hope you have a good and safe weekend!

Oh, I also want to add “Happy Birthday, Dad!” in case he reads this! ^_^


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