Well, I hope it’s a good Monday for all of you. I’m having a great day, in case you were wondering! Open-mouthed smile

My weekend was wonderful. The bridal shower went well [Sis, you better throw me a good one if when my time comes … After I’ve met, fell in love with, etc. Mr. Right-for-me], and I enjoyed getting to spend time with my niece. ^_^

I don’t think I’ve introduced to you my cat: Moozka [name has been changed to protect her identity]. At least, in my blog. If I know you personally, then you’ve probably heard about her.

She is, in a word, crazy.

My sister found her one kind of rainy fall afternoon, walking to a friend’s house, as a tiny, approximately 4-week-old kitten. She and her siblings been thrown out of a moving car by someone who didn’t want kittens. Someone else had found as many kittens as they could; Moozka had been missed. Moozka was lucky, though. Some of her siblings had broken bones, missing eyes, or died. Moozka only had scrapes on her face.

There’s something about a half-starving little kitten. They are so … calm. And then, for some odd reason, we feed them and they change into Mr. Hyde with sharp claws and teeth and like to run as fast as they can with their claws extended randomly pouncing and biting anything they feel like which means humans and dogs. [That was a nice run-on sentence. I hope English teachers around the world are happy Smile with tongue out] Moozka tortured my poor puppers so much they were afraid of her and all cats for a while.

She was soooo hyper. One time while Sister and I were playing video games or watching TV [I don’t really remember. I’ve sort of partially blocked most of Moozka’s kittenhood.], Moozka kept attacking us. We became so annoyed, we threw one of her jingly balls down the stairs to see if she chased it and played down there and left us alone. [That run-on wasn’t as great. I apologize.] She followed the ball, we were so excited it worked, and then she brought the ball back, waiting for us to throw it down the stairs again. o.O

At least it kept her occupied.

This is Moozka now, “helping” my mom make flower things for Sister’s wedding. She’s calmed down a lot [she is 6 years old now], especially now that she has Panther [the other cat occupying the house]. I’ll tell her story another time. Smile



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