So, a pair of my capris died the other day [got a hole in a publicly indecent area]. Now I’m down to one pair that doesn’t show my bum when I move the wrong way. Annoyed [Meaning, I sit or something innocent like that.]

My question [besides the why] is … well … the why still works. I like screaming that to the sky as if I’m in agony. [Trust me, all of you will be in agony if I don’t have pants.] But, why did these capris die? I’ve only had them for a couple years. I have capris that I got in two thousand … six? seven? Confused smile Yeah, I’m great with dates… The point I’m trying to make is that those don’t have any holes at all and they’re cheap and from Walmart [I know, I know, but I was young. -Er.] and they’re the ones that fall off my bum. And then the ones that I spend more money on and are newer and nicer and don’t fall off my bum die.

I’m having this trouble with my jeans as well. But that’s even more infuriating because they’re the same make and model, just one is from 2005 or 6 and the other from 2009 or 10. The 06 only has a hole in the knee, the 10 has holes in publicly indecent areas and no holes in the knee. In a few years, has the quality gone down that far?



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