My life is going to change some more. Again. I’m not ready to go into details about this, not here or on facebook, not yet, because, well, I’m scared? I guess.

This life change that is coming at some point in time and probably even sooner than I’d really like is going to cost a bit of money. I’m a poor, currently unemployed college graduate, and where I live jobs are scarce. You’d have better luck finding water in the Atacama Desert than finding a job in this area. [If you are finding large question marks hovering over your head, one, seek a psychiatrist to get some nice antipsychotics for your hallucinations and, two, Google it and discover that the Atacama Desert is the driest desert on the planet.]

I’m feeling God calling me to go to a certain place that may or may not be really far away and do something there that will cost more money than I have. This will also be something completely different and new [and did I mention scary?] and the only way I know I can do this is through God’s strength. Also, I’m not really entirely sure what God’s plans for me are, and I still find myself doubting that this is the right thing for me.

Now that I’m done rambling and potentially causing you all to worry that I’ve completely lost my brain [we all know that it’s been partially missing for years], I need to ask you for something, if it’s in your ability to do so. As a Christian, I believe that prayer to God works. If you are willing to pray for me, please do. If not, that’s okay. I still will be your friend, even if we’ve never met. I’m definitely needing some prayer here, for guidance, strength, and money. [Please, let me add that I’m not asking for your money. Yet. Smile with tongue out]

Sorry for being so vague and ramble-y, and no, I’m not ready to go into details.


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I'm random, quirky, just a touch sarcastic, and a geek. I make crocheted animals/creatures/monsters, mostly of my own design. I don't really know what else to put here. I'll probably write more about myself in the blog. This is like a relationship: you can't get to know everything about me in just one sitting! :P

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