No, I’m not leaving the blogging community. That’s the title of my drawing.

I must admit, though, that I’ve been lazy. Yesterday and today mostly consisted of me playing Harvest Moon: Twee of Twankwilwity [that’s how I like to say it] [and, thank you, Sister, for lending me the game], and so I took a picture of a drawing I did for an art class in the Spring of 2009 [Fun times, I must say. Met a few good friends in that class! …Don’t know if they’re reading this or not, but if they are, then they may remember this drawing.]

A bit of background for this drawing:

This is what I did for my final project. We were supposed to come up with meaning for the drawing [or something like that], and I find that when I play guitar, I can just leave the rest of the world behind for a time. So a drawing of me walking away with a guitar, [Yes, those are my legs. I had my dad take a picture of that and I drew from the photo.] is me drawing my escape from the world. …Again, or something like that.

Fun fact: It only took until this summer for me to get a frame for it–only two years after the fact! ^_^


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