My sister may have her doubts about asking me to be maid-of-honor after this week … Too bad the wedding’s on Saturday! Can’t change your mind about this, girl! Winking smile

So, do I have another story to tell you about my sister? One that will embarrass and humiliate Sister to no end?

Yes. And no.

Today, I think I’m going to tell you about how great a sister Sister has been to me. This means a few short stories, so bear with me.

One summer, way back when I was 1.5 years old, Dad was video taping us playing in the front yard. [Or was I 2.5 years old? I don’t know.] Sister decided to play a game of running around the yard trying to keep Dad from seeing her through the camera. This lasted about … a minute? before she became tired and needed a drink of water. [3.5-4.5-year-olds don’t last long on that sort of thing. Smile with tongue out] Sister and I each had our own glass of water on the porch, and when Sister went to get a drink, she was quite surprised to find that her glass was empty!

She was standing on the porch; I was sitting on the porch.

She looked down at me.

I looked up at her.

“Did you do that?” she asked, rather politely.

I licked my lips.

She sort of sighed and said, “You have to drink your own water,” as she handed me my glass. I took a drink.

What a wonderful big sister! At around 4 years old, she didn’t get upset at me for drinking all her water.

Now let me tell you another story.

It was Easter, probably the same year. So this story happened before the previous story. [Just clearing things up for you.]

Mom and Dad thought that great Easter presents would be these giant inflatable Easter bunnies. [By giant, I mean about three feet tall. But to a two-year-old, that’s pretty huge.] Sister spent most of the morning hopping her yellow bunny around the house, having conversations with it and having it converse with Mom and Dad. [In case you were wondering, all this was video taped as well.] I was carrying mine around, clearing knickknacks off of shelves with its long ears, and trying to put a diaper on it.

Some where in all of this, Sister was hopping her bunny down the hallway, where I was.

Hop, hop, hop, bop, hop.

The bop was her having the bunny hop on my head.

I turned to face the camera, to make sure all of the world saw what atrocity had been committed. I was traumatized, suffering silently.

A wonderful big sister, who bounces inflatable, three-foot-tall bunnies on her baby sister’s head.


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