This weekend was great! I was maid-of-honor for Sister, can now legally call BiL my brother, Bugg (my niece) cried when she wasn’t being held by Sister during the wedding, and … I forgot BiL’s ring in the hotel room two floors down from where the wedding was being held. That’s something I won’t be living down for a while. But after all the stories I told here about Sister and BiL, I deserve some ragging. I mean, if I can’t take it, I shouldn’t be able to dish it out, right? I also did some slight ragging of BiL in my toast [which was amazing {in my humblest opinion} and I think I’ll post what I’d prepared to say because I like it that much.], and he ragged me back because of my forgetfulness. I love being able to laugh at myself.

Then at the reception, I spent the majority of the time dancing! I haven’t danced like that since high school. I’m still feeling the after-effects. Stupid knee. I don’t regret any of it though!After the reception, some of us decided to go walking in the woods to get eaten by mosquitoes and bears and get lost, because that sort of thing is fun. Oh, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade Black Cherry stuff is taaaaaasty. [Please drink responsibly and have a designated driver, and don’t fall off the cliff.]

Mom, Dad, Bugg, and I got back home today. We’re watching Bugg until Sister and BiL get back tomorrow from their short honeymoon. I’m able to type this because Bugg is down for her nap. If she hadn’t been napping, you’d be reading something like this:

So afoiugfoaewins I w-iaof-ent down to the soaio”isannd288 store to-anoannei893-day to buuy somein243 foood.kewn4u

That’s why I waited. One-and-a-half-year-olds who love technology can be fun! 🙂

Speaking of naps, I could use one myself. Saturday night I only got four hours of sleep (up until four getting lost in woods, woke at eight because we had to pack for checkout at eleven), and then I was too tired to sleep on the three-hour drive home, and then my sleep last night was broken because of a lonely Moozka and Bugg woke up once in the night because she lost her bink in the corner of her pack-and-play.

Oh, and this week will be interesting because Sister is kidnapping me back to her house (about 5 hours away from my parents’ house) so that we can go on a date, with BiL as third wheel and chauffeur. Don’t worry, I’ll bring Donald [my lap top] along with and I will make time to post.  If I fail, I apologize. Please don’t take it personally. Just because I may forget about you, doesn’t mean I don’t love you all very much.


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