That being said, I’m sorry for the late-ish post. I meant to write earlier, but my day was a little bit busy, what with watching a DVD or two and crocheting. Oh, and going to see Grandma in her new “home” at the specialized ward of the local assisted living center! That’s right. She finally got in. A month later than we’d expected, but all the same.

She seems happy there, but it is only her first day. Grandpa was there with her, which he will be during most days. That’s his plan, anyway. She’s worried about their dog and how he’s doing without her, but Grandpa just told her that the dog was fine. We told Grandpa that if he wanted, their dog could spend the day at our house [because, for the time being, I’ll be here] but I don’t think he wants to. Which is fine. Grandpa has a lot of change to accept today.

So now I am formally out of a job. Soon, I’ll start looking for a “real” job to fund going to … Oh yeah, I haven’t stated that here, yet. I did on my facebook. I’m planning on going to seminary for a Master’s of Divinity, which means I could go into missions, chaplaincy, or become a pastor. I’m not sure where I’m going at this point, or what I’ll do with an MDiv, but I do know that I need a job to have enough money for rent, tuition, food, and potentially a car and gasoline, for a few months until I get a job wherever I end up. [Ooo… I ended a sentence with a preposition. I hate it when I do that.] This is what I’ve needed prayer for, that I mentioned a few weeks ago but was too scared to say exactly what for. Now I’m not, because of the strength and grace of God.

I’m still kind of recovering from helping Sister take care of many children for a few days, and I was woken up early because of Moozka sleeping on me weird, so I’m a bit tired right now. That, and one of the Rocky movies is on TV, and it’s weird and I’m laughing at it, so, I’ll see you [in a figurative sense] on Wednesday!

Edit: Sorry, I was not here mentally on Wednesday, so I didn’t post. Sometimes, a girl just needs a vacation from reality. … Even more than usual.


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