Happy Summer!

I know, it’s the end of summer, but it finally feels like summer to me. That’s why I’m wishing you all a Happy Summer! Hopefully, when this posts [because I am scheduling this to post … so hopefully this posts at all!] I will be enjoying sitting outside in the shade of trees while reading Edith [my kindle, for those of you unaware. Yes, I name all my stuff.] or I’ll be swimming if it’s warm enough. It’s gotta be really warm to enjoy that water, it’s so cold. That’s right, I’ve left for the weekend. It’s kind of sad that some place 30-45 minutes away [depending on the speed of driving] would be so difficult to get to. That’s what happens when you spend a summer taking care of your grandma. [I’m telling myself this, don’t think I’m telling you that you took care of your grandma. That would be ridiculous of me to think that all of you took care of your grandma this summer.]

Oh yeah, you came here to look at a sketch, didn’t you?


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