Along Came Panther

One August night in 2005, I looked out the patio door to check on Buddy Boy and Mei Mei who were outside. They were running around in circles on the porch and nuzzling something – whatever it was that they were circling.


They were circling this tiny black kitten.

The next morning, I went outside when I heard the dogs barking. The kitten was outside the fence. They wanted it *in* the fence *now*! Once it walked through one of the 2”x4” openings, they quit barking and started loving on the [I now saw] starving kitten. It looked like a living skeleton, and it was very sleepy looking. Its claws were always extended to be ever ready to defend itself from attack, and it was terrified of people. Much to Dad’s chagrin, I began feeding it. He did come to see that if I didn’t feed it, it would die. He had hopes that the kitten would wander off on its own.

It took an entire week for the kitten to even come on the porch while I was sitting there, barely moving. It helped that the dogs were so comfortable around me – the kitten soon realized I wasn’t a threat and that pettins felt good.

Moozka wasn’t pleased about the new outdoor arrival, at first. Then, from poking each other through a hole in screen door [Mei Mei put it there from scratching to go out], Moozka realized she had a friend who would play the same games as her. The dogs, you see, would run away screaming when Moozka tried to play with them.

So Moozka ripped a new hole – a bigger hole – in the screen so the kitten could come *in* to play.

Dad gave up, then, about not keeping this one. He lost hope that the kitten would find its way home on its own. I named her, we took her to the vet’s and found out she was four months old instead of eight weeks like I’d thought, and enjoyed watching the new kitten learn what it’s like to be indoors.

The first time Panther came inside, she was so enthralled.


Moozka had pounced on her, grabbed her around the neck, kicked her a few times in the stomach, and was gone before any of us could register what had happened. Welcome to the family!


On that note, I have been feeling very tired for a week now, and it’s turning into exhaustion. So I think I’ll be taking off the week to sleep.

I love you all, and may God bless your lives according to His will.


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