So I decided to try something different today, because I am so busy and whatnot today, and … this sentence doesn’t have a proper end because I forgot what I was going to write. I don’t recommend doing this.

So I’ve been listening to a lot of David Crowder Band recently. [That was a great transition.] David Crowder [I’m guessing they named the band after him] is the singer. He also plays guitar, piano, keytar, and Guitar Hero controllers. Seriously. He made a Guitar Hero controller into an instrument. XD

I thought I’d share some of his work here, so … I’m going to attempt sharing a video from youtube. I was going to show you something else, but then I realized I wanted to show you how the Guitar Hero controller works instead.

I realized the person recording the video didn’t actually record the song in which he plays the controller, so a compilation of the actual song is here [it’s actually done quite well]:

I hope you enjoyed this! Should I continue doing this once in a while or scrap the whole idea right now? [Feedback would be appreciated – constructive criticism only, please!]


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