The dentist and I do not get along. For those of you wondering, I had an appointment this week, and the thought is still with me. [That could also be because you {I’m talking to myself here} are writing this on Wednesday because the rest of your week will be too busy to actually write a post at a normal time and your teeth still hurt… Crying face] This time, though, I didn’t have a hygienist who jabbed my gums with her little pokey thingy and then told me in an angry sort of voice, “Your gums are bleeding. You need to floss more.” Nope. This time, the hygienist was a very friendly lady who tried her best to not poke me. I didn’t get any stern lectures this time about my gums and their condition, either! Yay for brushing my teeth, flossing [yes, I lacked a bit at that, but I did better] and using mouthwash! Rolling on the floor laughing

On that note, I’m going hunting for the first time this year! [If your gonna hate, I can’t stop you.] I’ll be hunting in the area in which Sister lives, and there the deer are corn-fed. There are a lot of deer, and a LOT of cornfields. And it tastes gooood. I love me some venison! Open-mouthed smile

But what I really want to hunt is moose.

Dad said I should start smaller, since the only gun I’ve ever shot was a .22, when I was 10  years old. This was almost 12 years ago. …

Anyway, October 1 is the start of bow hunting season, and I’ll be participating in that, too, but with a crossbow, which shoots like a gun except it pulls forward instead of pushes back. At least that’s what they tell me.

It’s gonna be an adventure. [Mom won’t be happy with you {again, self-talking}, using the a-word…] And I’m excited for it!

But first, I have to buy me some clothes! [Of course, the girl wants clothes… Nyah-Nyah]


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