I’m going to start by saying: No. This is not a post about food.

I did something for the first time yesterday. I taught Sunday school to the Jr/Sr High class at the church I attend. So what if there were only two in the class? We had fun, learned quite a bit, and had some pretty good discussion. No, I’m not doing this every Sunday. I was just filling in for the fill-in. But I could see myself doing that more regularly.

I was asked if I had become their regular teacher, and when I said I was just filling in, they seemed kind of … disappointed? I noticed that I seem to have been given a gift, and now I have to think about certain things. For instance, I am musically inclined, which I know is also a God-given gift. Jesus says to use your talents for the furtherment of the Kingdom. [Okay, so maybe He didn’t say “furtherment”. Am I not allowed to make up words?] So which gift do I use? Do I teach/preach, or do I sing? Or … possibly … both? I’ll definitely have to spend some time in prayer.

Also I learned from one of my students that Sister and I have an inheritance. A bag of pennies. And one kid even gave Mom a penny last year to help bolster our inheritance. This is what happens when you live in a small town and your mom’s a teacher to some of the kids who attend the same church as you. You get to know people. Which isn’t always a bad thing, but it isn’t always a good thing, either. Smile with tongue out

For my likers on facebook [or even if you aren’t one yet], please note I have a new shirt design for you to look at. Tell me what you think [about any of them] and if you’d be interested in buying. I won’t post a shirt for sale if no one’s interested.

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