This weekend, I’m going to go visit Sister, BiL, Bugg, and –guess what? Sister and BiL are expecting another child! They’re being butts about it and not finding out the gender and not telling us their name ideas, so I’ve named the child Sprout. I can’t wait to have another child to spoil and be able to hand off when it’s stinky. Trust me, it’s fun to be an aunt.

Anyway… Dad and my plan was, for this weekend, to go bow hunting with BiL’s dad, but I guess we forgot to let him know or he forgot we were coming, so … I don’t know if it’s happening or not. Oh well. There are secret things [that soon won’t be secret] that have to be done this weekend. Oh the suspense!

I can’t believe it’s already the last day of September. For not doing anything, time sure is passing quickly. Abnormally quickly. But every day that goes by, the closer we get to my birthday. I may almost be 22, but I still get excited. You’re only as old as you feel, I always, no scratch that, just-now say. And why shouldn’t I get excited for a day that celebrates me? 😉

So I wrote my first draft of this on Microsoft Word, and I must say I’m disappointed in their spell check. It’s telling me that “…it’s fun to be an aunt.” is incorrect. According to Microsoft Word, it should say “its”. I’m withholding my grammar lecture. If you’re confused as to the differences, email me and we’ll have a nice conversation.

Oh, I have a few new designs up on my facebook page for you to check out and leave some feedback, and “like” the page while you’re there, if you haven’t already… It’s an easy way to stay updated on my activities, etc. Occasionally I’ll write something funny on my wall as well. …Just tryin’ to pull more people in; don’t be afraid that only 6 people like the page, as one of them is actually me … which means only 5 people like it… Yeah, I’m trying this new thing where I build up my confidence, can’t you tell?

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow, for the second installment of “Nora”, my plot thing. If you’re confused, check out this. On that note, have a fun and safe weekend!


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