A Wonderful Time

It’s the most wonderful tiiiime of the yeeeeear! No, not that Christmas is 72 days away and stores are starting to put out their Christmas-themed products, but that this is the time of year when dogs start getting their winter coats. If you read my entry about the skunk, or are my friend on facebook, you know that my dogs have extremely short fur. Their fur doesn’t do much of a change between summer and winter and back.

On the other hand, Sister and BiL have a Pomeranian. I like to call him The Poofer because of all the fur he has.

Right now I’m dog-sitting The Poofer because Sister and BiL took a trip to California. And where I live, winter is swift approaching and now The Poofer has even more poof.

The poor dog, with all that extra poof he’s pretty itchy and … poofy. So I took it upon myself to brush him. This can be quite the … challenge. See, The Poofer likes to be brushed, he just doesn’t really like it. Starting is the biggest challenge.

But once I start brushing him, The Poofer really seems to enjoy it. His eyes close, he starts “puppy purring”, and he doesn’t want me to stop. Until he remembers that when Mom brushes him, he gets a treat when all done. Then he liquifies, oozes out of my lap, turns back into a dog, and runs around and around and around until he gets a treat.


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