I have a pet peeve. It’s bigger than that, actually. I have something that I hate. I abhor it. If you’re my friend on facebook, you may have seen evidence of this from certain statuses I’ve recently posted. For those who have had to actually listen to me, I don’t apologize for how annoying I’ve been recently concerning this.

I hate chauvinists, specifically men who view themselves as superior to women. [According to this site, a chauvinist can also be someone who is extremely, EXTREMELY patriotic, which can be annoying and somewhat scary, but I don’t hate them.] I guess women who view themselves as superior are annoying, too, but I have a certain place in my heart for men who think I’m worth less than them.

A short time ago, I saw an advertisement. It … horrified me. I was so appalled, I couldn’t do nothing. I needed to open my mouth and make a noise, and keep making a noise until I was either silenced for good or they finally listened. You may think this is a bit of an exaggeration, but, SERIOUSLY??

Just what am I talking about? Look it up here. This is what Dr Pepper thinks is acceptable. This is what they are PROUD about. They think they are soooo funny, bashing, generalizing, and excluding women. They even have a facebook page, but – sorry ladies – we can’t even LOOK at that page. I am serious.

All I can ask is: DID THEY GET STUCK IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL? WERE THEY SO STUPID THEY COULDN’T EVEN PASS FIRST GRADE – EVER? [Please note that I am not saying that those who have been held back a grade or two are worthless, I’m saying the people of the Dr Pepper/Snapple company must not have *ever* been able to pass the first grade and therefore they still have the mentality of six-year-olds where girls are icky, gross, and have cooties, and all-boys clubs are the only way to save yourselves from the cooties.]

And I implore you to watch the clip at the end of the article. Please do if you haven’t. This is the advertisement I have seen on TV over and over again that disgusts me. So I signed a petition to have it removed. You can, too. Just visit this site here.

Why would I want to do this? Here’s why.

One of my favorite movies is Die Hard. It’s the best Christmas movie, I must say.

I shoot guns. Sure, I need to work on shooting the .35 a bit more so that I can hit the target more accurately, but I’ve only shot it four times [as in, only four bullets]. I hit the target all four times, though! Two of which were very close to the center.

I’m not afraid of dirt. I’ve always thought earthworms make great pets [not a lot of work involved, see]. I’m not scared of snakes; I like camping in tents, leaving civilization behind; and I don’t think I’ve ever actually watched a chick-flick. I think logically, I love science, and I’m intelligent. I make my own opinions after doing lots of research, and I hold fast to my beliefs.

I’m not a wimp. I’d like to see the macho guy in the commercial shoot a skunk in the head as it was trying to escape the fence it forced its way into [only to get attacked by my dog and then spray her and stink up my house], and then dispose of the body without throwing up. I didn’t throw up. Sure I gagged, but you get within three feet of a recently-sprayed skunk and try not gagging. I’d like to see the people of Dr Pepper do it, too. See if they can do it better than a *giiirrrrl*. Eye rolling smile [This is supposed to be a smiley that’s rolling its eyes, because I’m rolling my eyes. It needs to be animated to really get the effect.]

Alright, I think I’m done with my rant. Thank you for listening, and please sign the petition!


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