I don’t have much to say today …

but don’t run away yet!

I spent a fun-filled weekend at Sister and BiL’s house, so I’m tired because we have difficulty going to bed at a decent hour because we talk until past midnight and then Dad stays up until 2am playing \m/>.<\m/ CALL OF DUTYYYYY!! [I’ve watched too much of The Office… and I’m tired, so it doesn’t help my silliness.] and then we wake up early because of Bugg or the dogs who are also excited. …Yes, I am tired.

The last time I saw Sister and family was 2 weeks ago. In that short space of time, Bugg started saying sentences. She’s not even 2 years old, yet. Now she says things like, “Look at that!” and … and … well, I know she said other nice sentences, but I can’t remember them right now.

Something that I’m finding really difficult to get used to, when I go visit Sister and family, is being watched by Bugg when I brush my teeth. There I am, minding my own business, when all-of-a-sudden, I can see a couple of pig-tails [the hair style, not actual pigs] and a couple of blue eyes staring over the edge of the bathroom counter/sink thing. It’s really cute, but really … weird. I feel like I’d better do a really good job of brushing my teeth so this kid has a good example. She looks up to me [in more ways than one], don’cha-know. Makes ya think, doesn’t it? You never know who’s watching you, and following your example. It could be something as simple as brushing your teeth, to something as complex as saving someone’s life by lifting a car off them and pulling them to safety [I have never done this, as of yet], to being a drunk/stoner living on the street [I have never done this either, nor do I have a goal to].

So … think about your actions, I think is the point my tired brain is trying to get across. As I jokingly said on our way home last night, “Engliss is naw mah firss lang-ezhh.” …Yesh, I am that tired. And no, that “yesh” was not on purpose, but I left it anyway. And actually, English *is* my first language. I’m just not always adept at speaking it.

Oh yeah, I wanted to mention that tomorrow is a day that is very dear to my heart because I made it up: the Day of Schizophrenia. [It’s an inside joke that I am too tired to tell you about right now…] But if you happen to see me running around the streets talking about the weasels that live in my walls and are recording everything I say … that’s why. For more information, check this out. [And please remember, it’s all tongue-in-cheek. If you really have Schizophrenia, I’m not trying to make fun of you personally, and I give you full permission to make fun of Major Depressive Disorder, which is something I struggle with.]

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