My mom has central auditory processing disorder, or CAPD. This means that she hears things alright, but by the time it gets to her brain, something’s been … jumbled. I, being a nice and thoughtful person, mock my mother at every opportunity. I was going to share my mockery with you in a nice, comprehensive list of the things she has “heard” me say, but it’s taking too long to get a lot of these to make a nice, comprehensive list, and I’m finding out that I can be rather impatient. Instead, I am taking them one-at-a-time, and drawing them. Whether or not these sentences are correct is up to the reader’s discretion. [*Please note, Mom knows I am doing this and is okay with this. She knows I’m just teasing her, in a fun sort of way.*]

Now, I don’t know what “yert” is, and I’m sure Mom doesn’t know either. That’s probably why she was so confused. That’s why I drew this the way I did: ambiguous.

There’s more of this yet to come. You’ve been warned.


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I'm random, quirky, just a touch sarcastic, and a geek. I make crocheted animals/creatures/monsters, mostly of my own design. I don't really know what else to put here. I'll probably write more about myself in the blog. This is like a relationship: you can't get to know everything about me in just one sitting! :P

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