Editor’s Note [By “Editor”, I mean me]: This was supposed to post on Tuesday. Something didn’t work, and it was probably my brain. I apologize. Enjoy this Wednesday post. I’ll be posting tomorrow, too.

I look forward to Daylight Saving Time ending every year. I love getting that extra hour of sleep. I get excited for it, so much so that some years I stay up too late and miss that extra hour of sleep entirely.

This year, I woke up at my usual time, took my shower, and was mostly ready to leave for church. I needed breakfast first, though. I was doing *great* for time, as it was only 8:15. [My church starts at 9:45.] Dad was at the table, working on his Bible study stuff, and when I came down the stairs, he looked really confused. That’s when I noticed what time the clocks said it was: 7:15. 7:15. 7:15?!?! Noooooooooo!!!! I’d missed the end of saving daylight! I’d missed that wonderful extra hour of sleep!!

Oh, wonderful Extra Hour of Sleep, how I miss thee! I miss thy lovely blankets, and dreams so lov-e-ly.

I could keep going, but … I’m tired. Not only did I miss the start of standard time, but I’m now with Sister at her house for the week [EDIT: actually, I’ll be here ’til about Thanksgiving], and I usually am tired from helping take care of an energetic almost-two-year-old. But it’s fun, and I’m loving it!


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