I have a beloved pet. Besides Buddy Boy, Mei Mei, Moozka, and Panther, that is. [For those who don’t know about them, check out the “About” tab, then “Characters in My Life’s Story”.] My beloved pet, the one I haven’t yet mentioned in this blog, is about … 10 months old at the time I posted this. He loves to dance and blow bubbles. Nope, he’s not a monkey. He’s a fish. A Siamese fighting fish, to be more precise. Siamese fighting fish are also known as Betta fish. I call him Webb*. And he actually does love to dance, especially when he sees me. I know he recognizes me, because ever since he was a tiny two-month-old, he’s danced for me and glared at Mom. [It’s hilarious to see.]

*Name has been changed to protect identity.

There’s something I’ve noticed about the way Webb eats, though. See, I feed him two types of food: regular Betta-Min flakes, and freeze-dried bloodworms. When I feed him flakes, he’s a normal fish.

But when I feed him bloodworms, he’s a PREDATOR.

And yes, I started singing the Jaws theme as I drew this.

And yes, I left my colored pencils at home, meaning Saturday’s comic will also be just outlined. 😦


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