Some Lessons I’ve Learned While Hunting Deer

I recently became interested in the art of deer hunting. The weekend of Thanksgiving was my first time out in the woods with a gun with the intent of bagging a deer. Here are some things I learned over the course of that weekend. [Please note: these events actually happened, but the sketches are just artistic representation.]


Lesson: Things aren’t always how they sound.



Lesson: Stepping on a deer is not a good way to track it. …Unless you want to watch the deer running through a corn field.


Sitting Quietly: 

Lesson: Being quiet is a way to not be noticed by any wildlife in the immediate area.


Even though I didn’t get my first deer, I still had fun, and I’m planning on going out to the woods sometime soon. Hopefully I get a deer … at some point in my life. Besides, if deer hunting were easy, everyone would be doing it! … so I’ve been told…

4 responses

  1. KiKi says:

    Dude, did you really step on a deer? lol that sounds like my luck 😀 But I could never shoot bambi

    • kayquie says:

      I didn’t, but my sister’s father-in-law did! If we’d been a few feet over, I probably would have had my first deer–a nice big doe. But it makes for a great story!! ^_^

  2. Brenna says:

    Lol, K, that was great! 😀