Happy New Year!! I missed you all while I was busy. I found myself wishing so much that I had time to post regularly… *sniff!*

There was one busy weekend during the course of December: we celebrated Bugg’s second birthday; Sister, Bugg, and I were in a wedding; and we celebrated Christmas with Dad’s side of the family.

Bugg has many loves in her life: Mommy, Daddy, Papa K, Papa T, Grandma S, Grandma T, noonals [noodles], pizza, nuggets, snacks [Fruit snacks, to be specific. NOT. PUDDING.], kitties, dancing, and ducks. [In case you were wondering, my parents are the Ts.] [And no, her loves are not ranked in any proper order, MOM. I’m sure there are many times she loves kitties more than you. :P] So for her birthday, I crocheted her a duck. It’s a variation of the first pattern I ever made [I made it easier to make as I learned new things]. For the cake, I decided to be ambitious and make her birthday special. I made her cake into a kitty.

This was a wonderful concept, full of well intentions. I had the best intentions, actually.

The award for Best Intentions goes to … Hello? </tap, tap, tap> Is this thing on??

I forgot that I’m horrible at frosting cakes. Last Easter, I made a cupcake into a bunny with lovely, homemade fondant [it took on the flavor of the frosting underneath so it didn’t taste like marshmallows] and it turned out *wonderfully*. Well, I didn’t have any fondant [Mom makes it], so I just decided to leave it frosted. Instead of a white kitty, it’d be a … calico kitty. Of course I had to make a Funfetti cake… Some calicos have blue and green and pink spots, don’t they?

Then I found some Scooby Doo frosting dye. The kitty, you see, would have blue-ish eyes and a brown nose and whiskers. …At least the blue turned out okay… The brown just wouldn’t get darker than peach. I used it any way. [As I was mixing the colors, I realized that I’d bought the dye way back in 2004 for my 15th birthday cake. I have {somewhere} a Scooby Doo cake pan, and I made a Scooby Doo cake.]

And then … to put the colored frosting on the already-frosted cake. One eye, good. The next eye … Well, real cats have attitude. This cake cat has … REAL attitude.

Do you really want to see the cake? Yes, you do.

Then, because of the wedding, there wasn’t time before the celebration of Christmas with Dad’s family to eat the cake, and Mom didn’t have time to make a dessert, so … we took the cake. Nobody made fun of me except myself [I have really high self esteem…], and it tasted good, and Bugg blew out her first candle! [The aunt who hosted only had one birthday candle.]

At the wedding, I was a bridesmaid, which I found was infinitely easier than being a maid-of-honor. No rings to forget! ^_^ [When the pastor asked “Do you have the rings?”, I found myself laughing and looking at BiL and Sister.]

Then, during the reception, came the part every single woman dreads: the bouquet toss. [If they say they don’t dread it, they’re lying.] And by the time the bouquet toss occurred, there were only … six? of us left. The chances were not in my favor. I caught the bouquet. Luckily, they didn’t have a garter toss, so I didn’t have another slightly awkward, forced-upon slow dance with some guy I don’t really know and am uncomfortable with. [Have I mentioned I’m not really comfortable/used to people touching me?] All-in-all, it was a fun time.

The next day [after about five hours of sleep on my part], was Dad’s family Christmas. Dad has three brothers. His oldest brother has two sons [ages 8 and 6]; the next brother has two sons [ages 28 and 24], a daughter [age 20], a daughter-in-law [I don’t remember her age–sorry!], and a grandson [less than one year old]; Dad has two daughters [ages 24 and 22], one son-in-law [age 24], and one granddaughter [age 2], and Sprout [due May 10]; and Dad’s youngest brother has three sons [At the time, their ages were 18, 16, and 9. The middle son has a birthday right around Christmas, the oldest has one in January.], one daughter [age 15], and a South Korean foreign-exchange student son [age 17]. All four brothers were there, along with their wives, and all the children/grandchildren, and the brothers’ mom. There were a *lot* of people there. Oh yeah, and one cousin brought his girlfriend. The family keeps getting bigger. But it’s fun and we all get along [for the most part]. 🙂

We eat lots of food, all day long. We open presents. And we eat lots of chocolate, sometimes mixed with peanut butter, sometimes not.

The highlight of the day, for me at least, was the gift I got from my foreign-exchange cousin. It was an authentic Korean fan! The wrapping paper was awesome, too, because it has ancient Korean symbols all over it. Lots of people got fans, and the moms [my mom included] got compact mirrors with inlaid mother-of-pearl on the cover. Dad [who also got a fan] joked and said we were the foreign-exchange student’s fan club – so we had to take a picture with all of us who got fans surrounding the kid. It was great. 😀

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