Last April, I graduated from college. My parents decided that, after enduring four years of torture accomplishing a huge accomplishment, they should give me graduation presents that were fun. I love the show NCIS, and my favorite character is Abby, so they decided to get me a T-shirt about Abby. [It says: I talk to myself/Got a problem with that? in Goth lettering, around a Gothic cross with an A on it, with spider webs and such. Actually, I didn’t recognize it as an Abby shirt at first, but it’s still cool.] The problem is, the shirt didn’t fit. Whoever they bought it from didn’t know how sizing worked or something, and by the time I got around to letting Dad know that I doubted I would *ever* fit that shirt, the company’s return policy declared that we weren’t able to return it.

Let us fast forward to December. I started getting interested in making a tote bag from an old T-shirt. Then it hit me: I have a *new* T-shirt that would make a pretty cool bag.

But there seemed to be a flaw with each tutorial at which I looked: I thought they might be too bulky for me. See, I’m not … petite in girth. I am petite in one way: height. I am short and slightly rounded. But I found this ( tutorial that cuts a few inches off the sides and bottom, thereby the bag won’t be so huge! I was very hesitant to try this [and Mom seemed to think her sewing machine might stretch the fabric, and I’m not good with sewing machines], so I found an *old*, old shirt on which to practice.

There were a couple things I changed from Sarah’s design. One is cutting the neck in a rounded square-type shape instead of a semicircle. My cutting work was, by no means, perfect, but that’s okay. I’m hoping that no one will notice the irregularities of my bag when I’m running away from them walking around. [And for the actual one {compared to the practice one}, I smoothed my cutting work afterward.] The second thing I did different was sewing on the other side of the handle to make another edge sort of thing [Great explanation, that.]. Okay, let me try again. You know how the bottom of T-shirts has that seam to keep the bottom of the shirt flattened? I did that on the other side of the handle. [Mainly this was because I thought I could sew straighter than I could cut. It looks good, I must say. Also, it strengthened {hopefully} the other side so that {hopefully} it won’t stretch.]

After lots of calling Mom for help with her sewing machine [I did mention that I’m not good with sewing machines, right?], so much so that Mom started to worry my project was becoming *her* project, I got the practice tote done!













And it turned out okay—don’t worry about your tote looking uneven. When there’s stuff in it and you’re wearing it [that is, if you decide to make this!], no one will notice the unevenness.

I’m showing more of my geeky side with my awesome Mario wallet! :B

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  1. ecologique design says:

    Yay! It turned out great!!

  2. Brenna says:

    K, this is sooooo cool! ecologique design, this is a GREAT idea…I think I might have to borrow it for a future project! ^_^