I think I may be turning into one of THOSE people. I’ll explain later, just in case you don’t figure it out by the end.

It all started last week, Tuesday night. It was bed time. I coerced Buddy Boy and Mei Mei into going outside to potty [Sometimes–okay, always– the snow’s too cold for Mei Mei’s delicate feet and she’d rather go potty somewhere warm, like the basement.] and then they ran upstairs to be kenneled for the night. They actually like it a lot, and their anxiety decreased like WHOA [I am an educated college graduate ^_^], and I highly recommend crate training if you are, or will be sometime in your lifetime, a dog owner.

Back to the story. Buddy Boy looked in the first kennel, then quickly decided to dart in the second one. I closed the door behind him, because Mei Mei was thinking she’d follow her brother. Yes, they both can fit in one kennel. I make them be in the same kennel when we go on car rides. But overnight? They get cranky with each other being enclosed in the same space for that long.

Mei Mei looked in the other kennel, then tried to walk away. “Really?” I questioned her. [Yup. I talk to my animals.] “You do this every night. Now go. In. The. Kennel.” And I gave her a push from behind to urge her to go in the kennel. She sighed, then went in. [Trust me, this girl’s got attitude. One time, a month or so ago, she didn’t want to pee outside in the cold, and I shouted through the patio door at her, “GO PEE!” Have you ever seen a dog pee with attitude? Mei Mei can.] So the dogs were in bed, I fed my Betta fish, and went to get ready for bed myself.

While I was brushing my teeth, I heard Mei Mei growling a bit, and then I heard a scratching, digging noise, and it sounded like it was coming from inside the wall. I decided to ignore this as a mouse in the walls, trusting Moozka to eat them if the mouse decided to show its face.

I went to bed and started on my devotional. I heard the digging sound again, but this time I thought it was Moozka playing with the door to the upstairs. [I leave my bedroom door open because otherwise I’m woken up every time Moozka wants in or out of my room.] So I went into the nook area of the upstairs [it’s the first place you enter upon going upstairs, and it’s now my office and the dogs’ bedroom], and instead of seeing Moozka playing with the door, she’s IN Mei Mei’s kennel, plastered against the door as if she was saying, “GET ME OUT OF HEEEERE!!!!”

No, it wasn’t magic. Moozka likes to go in the dogs’ kennels as a way of torturing them. [One kennel at a time, usually. I’ve never seen her occupy two places at once. But I wouldn’t put it past her.] Only, this time, I didn’t see her in there and forced Mei Mei in the kennel with her, and then LOCKED HER IN!!

When I released her from her prison, Moozka started purring so loudly, and Mei Mei looked a little traumatized. I’m not sure what would have happened if I hadn’t noticed a strange noise. [And, thinking back on it, I was wondering where Moozka was. She normally pesters me as I’m getting ready for bed, and likes to sit on my Bible as I try to read it.] I’m pretty sure the two of them would have fought, sharing such a small space for the entire night, but I’m not sure who would have won. …I don’t know if I really want to.

When I told Mom the next day, she told me I was an animal abuser, and now every time she sees those Humane Society advertisements on TV, she thinks of me.

Which kind of THOSE people am I turning into? …I think I’m turning into one of those people who do nothing but talk about their cats… Which isn’t exactly a bad thing, but it’s not what I intended.

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