I shared this with a sister-friend [a friend who’s like a sister] last week, and now I feel like sharing it here. God nudges are a wonderful thing.

To give a little background for those of you who may not know me that well, in October of 2010 I broke up with my boyfriend for the last time. [Yeah, we had a bit of issues……] We’d been dating for almost six years at that point. Yeah. So, I spent about a year getting over that whole thing [I was the one who initiated the break-up, in case you’re wondering, but I still had things I needed to deal with. It wasn’t like the relationship was all rosy and peachy and then I just decided “What the heck? I’m done.”] October of 2011, I started to feel that maybe, just possibly, I was ready to start looking for another “special friend.”

I’ll skip all the feelings of self-doubt and worrying that all I’d ever find were jerks who were just wanting to use me. But they were there.

Anyway, around Christmas time, I started to feel this hole in my chest. It was like there was something missing, something that was vital to my survival was not there and it needed to be.

This feeling only got worse the week after Christmas.

My solution to all my problems: talking to God. I find that when I include Him, all my problems seem a whole lot smaller. So I prayed: “God, fill this hole.” That’s all I prayed. Simple, right?

Then, I felt God say, “I am here with you, but not yet. you need to feel this for a while to appreciate the fullness even more.”

It took a few days, but now I don’t feel that hole. Sure, I’d still like to find that perfect guy [for me] and go on quiet dates, fun dates, possibly even adventurous dates [like getting kidnapped by a Chinese gang and having a crossbow shot at me 😉 ], but for now I can wait.

It’s like getting a drink of water. One appreciates it so much more when they are really, really thirsty than when they’re just kind of thirsty.

I think I’ll stay thirsty, that is, until I find the one.


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I'm random, quirky, just a touch sarcastic, and a geek. I make crocheted animals/creatures/monsters, mostly of my own design. I don't really know what else to put here. I'll probably write more about myself in the blog. This is like a relationship: you can't get to know everything about me in just one sitting! :P

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  1. Brenna says:

    [like getting kidnapped by a Chinese gang and having a crossbow shot at me 😉 ]

    Haha! Flashback! 😉

    I know a little bit about how you feel K. Looks like we’ll just have to wait patiently, watch good flicks, [hey, did you know the third episode of the second season’s almost done?!], and eat sweetheart-thingys that taste like bad, fruity medicine and Candy Canes together! 😀
    …Actually, forget the men. We just need the Sweetheart thingys and Candy Canes…maayyyybe some salty popcorn to cut the CC…Yummmm!

    “Because I want to get with SARAH!!” *Awkward pause* “Ready?” “Yeah.”

    • kayquie says:

      I “Like” Sherlock on Facebook, now, so yes, I get updates. And when Season 2 is available through Netflix, we’ll have to eat candy and watch it! ^_^