I’m going to start by saying this: I CAN’T BELIEVE I’VE WRITTEN 100 BLOG POSTS!!! Thanks to all of you who have read this from the beginning, and thanks to all of you who started reading this sometime after that. Even if you started today, thank you.

A few weeks ago, I was watching TV at night. [That’s not entirely surprising.] No, it doesn’t matter what I was watching. Well, I guess I wasn’t really watching, I was listening and glancing at the TV whenever my eyes weren’t glued to the screen of my laptop. See, I’m sort of addicted to Stumbling [I click the “stumble upon” button and a random website, suited to my interests, loads and I hopefully enjoy it.]. So that is what I was doing, when I found this.

As many of you have seen [if you haven’t, start browsing my older posts], I like to draw. So what better way to get lots of drawing done than to challenge myself to draw something every day? [Following this nifty challenge, of course. It’s like the Facebook photo challenge thing that happened last year.]

Here’s the challenge, just in case you don’t feel like clicking the link [and so I can keep track better] 🙂

Day 1: Yourself.

Day 2: Favorite animal.

Day 3: Favorite food.

Day 4: Favorite place.

Day 5: Best friend.

Day 6: Favorite book character – NOT from a movie.

Day 7: Favorite word.

Day 8: Favorite animated character.

Day 9: Favorite TV show.

Day 10: Favorite candy.

Day 11: Turning point in your life.

Day 12: Most recent accomplishment.

Day 13: Comic. [That’s not out of the ordinary for me! ^_^]

Day 14: Favorite fairy tale.

Day 15: Family picture.

Day 16: Inspiration.

Day 17: Favorite plant.

Day 18: Just a doodle.

Day 19: Something new.

Day 20: Something orange.

Day 21: Something you want.

Day 22: Something you miss.

Day 23: Something you need.

Day 24: A couple.

Day 25: Scenery.

Day 26: Something you don’t like.

Day 27: Something you love.

Day 28: Anything you’d like.

Day 29: A place you want to go.

Day 30: A congrats banner for finishing the challenge!

I’ll be posting my drawings throughout the month of February and the first day of March [because, obviously, February only has 29 days {this year}].

Feel free to join me! I’d love to see your pictures, if you post them on Facebook or DeviantArt, let me know [whether through Facebook or commenting here with a link]. It’s okay if you’re not on the same day as me or anything. It’s just supposed to be fun.

I’ll be posting my drawings on DeviantArt. Don’t worry about if you can’t find it, as every day I’ll post a link here so you can see my drawing. And, I’ll continue writing my usual Tuesday/Thursday posts. The Challenge posts will be separate, probably.

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I'm random, quirky, just a touch sarcastic, and a geek. I make crocheted animals/creatures/monsters, mostly of my own design. I don't really know what else to put here. I'll probably write more about myself in the blog. This is like a relationship: you can't get to know everything about me in just one sitting! :P

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