It’s Fun until You Lose an Eye

…or die on the side of a cliff.

But first, let me start at the beginning.

This year, I took up the hobby of snowshoeing. It’s been fun, and it’s great time spent with Dad in the great outdoors. [Dad and I surprised Mom with three sets of snowshoes for Christmas. Mom hasn’t gone with us yet, because she’s too cool to snowshoe with us she has to work.]

Dad and I have gone most weekends since the start of January, hiking a couple miles wherever we decide to go, and it’s been fun. And pretty.

A few weekends ago, I was sick, so we didn’t go. The weekend after that, we went to visit Sister and BiL and go to BiL’s sister’s wedding reception. [There was no bouquet toss–I lucked out! ^_^]

So, Dad decided that we needed to make up for lost opportunities to kill ourselves in such a manner that it looks like an accident while enjoying the outdoors time.

I didn’t realize we would be doing this, mind you. I thought we’d be having fun on a flatter surface.

My first hint should have been this:

Especially the part about the bicycles. 😛

And I should have taken my surroundings more seriously.

I took this picture, not realizing that we’d soon be climbing that hill.

And then I almost died while trying to climb said “hill”. Dad insists it was a hill. I insist it was a cliff. Qualifier: If I almost die trying to climb it, it’s not a hill. It’s a cliff. Also, that picture doesn’t really do the steepness of the hill justice. I took many a picture trying to do justice to the steepness, until finally, this picture occurred:

This was on our way back down, and this is tame compared to the path we took on our way up. [I seriously almost passed out on our way up.]

On top of the cliff, after I regained the use of my legs, we walked to the lookout spot and enjoyed the scenery and peacefulness of the place.

And then the horde of snowmobilers showed up.

We continued walking along the top of the cliff/ridge/mountainous mass thing, discussing things like what kind of trees we were walking by [I’m really bad at it, by the way. Or Dad was just making stuff up, which he is known to do… ^_^], when we came came across some tracks. This isn’t unusual, being in the woods, but the tracks looked … different.

What is it? Coyote? Nnn… not quite. Bobcat? Possible. I say: Yeti.

Yeti could have feet that are three inches long, right? Maybe they’re also known as “big foot” because their feet are way too big for them. Those three-inch long feet. [Dad insists {he does that a lot} that it’s probably a bobcat. But you know I’m right. You just … know it.]

All in all, this *was* a fun excursion into the great wilderness, even though I did almost die at the beginning. The way down the hill was much more quick, in a slide down the hill on your bum kind of way.

And I didn’t even get to Dad beaning a red squirrel with a snowball.


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