I’m going through The One Year Bible this year. I’m pretty excited about it, as it’ll my first time going through the Bible in its entirety. It has a really neat set-up, with each day having a passage from the Old Testament, the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. It makes it easy to go through. I’m keeping a journal while I go through this, because I have reflections and God moments while I’m reading, and I’d like to be able to remember them later.

One such moment happened a few days ago.

I was reading a section in Exodus. Moses had gone up the mountain because God had called him there. God wanted to speak with Moses. Moses was up there for a really long time, for forty days and nights, which was long enough for the Israelites to begin to doubt God and all He had done for them. [Which was, by this point, a lot.] They petitioned Aaron [Moses’ older brother] for a god they could see. Aaron had them take off their gold jewelery and had it melted down and molded into a calf. The Israelites then gave this statue the credit for everything God [the real one] did for them. This angered God, seeing as He had just told them, *”Don’t make statues to be worshiped.” God is a jealous god. [*Paraphrased]

The way the Bible phrases it, God decided to destroy all the Israelites and rebuild His nation with Moses as the head of that nation. *”I will make a great nation from you, Moses,” God said. Moses pleaded with God not to destroy His people, saying, *”You promised that great nation to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Not me.” So God decided to not kill His people.

This makes it seem as if God a) doesn’t remember His promises, and b) is easily influenced by mere humans. This isn’t the God I know.

I didn’t read it like that a few days ago, because I felt the Holy Spirit. God was testing Moses. *”Here,” God was saying. “You can have a place of high honor and glory, and have as many descendants as grains of sand.” But Moses didn’t want any of that. He remembered what God had promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob [Abraham was Isaac’s father, and Isaac was Jacob’s father. Jacob was also known as Israel; yes, like the country. God carried the promise through all three of them.]. I don’t think God just “decided” not to kill the unfaithful. I think God gently smiled at Moses and said, “Well done,” even if Moses didn’t hear God saying that.

Read it for yourself, and judge for yourself. Moses’ “story” [for lack of better words] starts in Exodus, the second book in the Bible. What I paraphrased for you is in Exodus 32.

God bless you in your searching.


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