Sorry for all the words. It’s important to the story, though, and we’re right in the climax! So … Yeah. Sorry. And to think, I actually cut out some words! ^_^

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If you had difficulty reading it, here’s what happened. [The numbers signify what panel]

1. The leader of the slaebins shoved Nora over with his head.

2. He rasped, “This is what they send to fight me? Weakling dristics send a weakling ‘warrior.'”

3. He looked deep in Nora’s eyes and said, “You are useless.”

4. Nora narrates: I knew then that he was right. I wasn’t strong enough to beat him.

5. I never would be. I was a loser.

6. She says out loud, “I can never win.”

7. Vakk’s voice comes to her, in a sort of flashback kind of thing, saying, “This sword is known as Gallah. With this you will hear the words you need. And remember, always, to keep talking to El Shaddai, the Almighty. Through Him all things are possible.”

8. Nora decides to try it. “El – El Shaddai? Um … I’m sort of in this battle, but it might be over, but … um … I can’t do this! I can’t do any of this on my own. I’ve failed Vakk and all the dristics, and they’ll continue to be slaves. …I need your help.”

9. Nora narrates: Suddenly, I had the strength to pick up the sword. My feet felt light as feathers …

10. …and I ran after the leader of the slaebins, somehow knowing I wouldn’t be out of breath when I caught up to him.

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