I had a revelation recently that I like to create things. Whether it be crocheting, sculpting with clay, painting, drawing, cooking, singing, playing an instrument, writing, etc. — I like to create.

A few weeks ago, I decided that I would take up gardening. This is a rather difficult thing to do at the end of February/beginning of March when you live in the frozen north [especially when we get 16+ inches of snow in 12 or so hours]. Spring doesn’t exist until the end of April/beginning of May where I live. And occasionally, we have snow storms in the beginning of June. Yep, June.

How, then, would I go about gardening? I have one word for you: terrariums.

I decided, for my first one, to make it in a quart-sized mason jar, with a wide opening. Being a bit of a geek [if by a bit I mean a whole lot], I did lots of research beforehand.

Mom thought it would be fun, too, and said that she’d been wanting to do one of these for a while, with herbs so we could have fresh herbs [like basil or thyme or parsley] in our food. [We like to cook in this house. :D] We’ve got a mother-daughter project on our hands, folks.

Mom found a tall, wide vase for her terrarium. And some bowl vases [kind of like fish bowls]. And some other things, but I don’t remember exactly what. What I’m trying to say is she was excited. So was I, I just went about it in a different way [meaning: I read a whole lot about terrariums and looked at a lot of pictures, dreaming about what my terrarium would look like and the fairies that would grow there].

I must say that already having the containers for our terrariums saved us a lot of money.

Fast forward a little bit, we went to the local nursery to find our plants. This nursery didn’t have much by way of small-like plants for a small-like terrarium. Mom fell in love with a lovely looking rosemary plant, and then … I found … a peperomia plant that was the perfect size for my mason jar.

I wish I had taken a picture of it as it was when I bought it. The guy sold it to me for $1.95 out of pity. He gave me the strangest looks for wanting this little pathetic plant. This peperomia was the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of peperomia. Mom said to me, “Well, at least you won’t feel so bad if it dies,” because everyone thought this little plant had nothing to offer.

And then I pinched off the dead and dying leaves.

A couple minutes later, and the plant was looking beautiful! It was a brighter green, and it looked happier.

Mom was amazed.

In the making of my terrarium [no, I didn’t take any pictures of the process], I discovered that my one peperomia plant was actually two peperomia plants! And the two would have been a little crowded in my mason jar, so I carefully [and lovingly, I might add] separated the two and planted them separately. Now I have a mason jar terrarium and a plant in a bowl-like vase thing. [I like using technical terms.]

I call the one in the terrarium “Harriette” and the one in the bowl “Webster”. Enjoy these pictures. [Yes, they look different. I credit that to a presence of natural daylight. And, my camera highlighted the pink. To the natural eye, there is not that much pink. They still look happy to me!]

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