A Taste of Spring

Yesterday, it got to a balmy 50 degrees Fahrenheit. To me, this is sit-on-the-deck-in-a-T-shirt weather. You must understand, only five days ago Dad and I went snowshoeing in knee-deep snow. It was 20-something degrees [in F], with a very cold wind-chill.

I went from needing my heavy winter coat to being okay in a T-shirt [long sleeves would have been comfortable, too]. The thing about the Middle of Nowhere, though, is it could very easily snow tomorrow. [I don’t think we’re forecast to get snow, but we could still get snow. This line of thought applies all year ’round, basically.]

Buddy Boy and Mei Mei really enjoy warmer weather. It’s really fun sitting outside with them. It’s also really fun walking them around the yard, letting them “hunt” mice, but the ground’s a little too soggy for that yet.

Here’s Mei Mei, who was very happy to have me be outside.

Here’s Buddy Boy, who is happy to see me, but whenever I tried to take a picture of him, he’d turn away. He’s not very outgoing.

[He was walking in a circle when I snapped this picture.] [And yes, that is snow in the background, but it’s really not as deep as it looks. My mom gardens, so she has a nice pile of gardening dirt in front of the shed.]

After the dogs settled down a bit to my being outside, they had to run around the yard and find sniffs to sniff.

There was, at some point, something down that hole, they just know it!

Then I looked into the house through the patio door, and noticed Moozka [who is not allowed outside] enjoying the warmth of the sun as well.

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