Easter Zebra

There was no post on Saturday. There probably won’t be for the next few Saturdays. I know, I know. But I’m busy. So I’ll do my best to have Tuesday and Thursday posts, at least.

I am working on my next story, which takes up some time. I also am spending time with my family, and I have church activities. One of these [that I am really, really excited about] is planning the children’s activity for Easter Sunday. I’m changing it up– instead of doing an Easter egg hunt, I’m doing an Easter symbol hunt. Before you think I’m [too] crazy, hear me out. The kids look for different objects [for example: a small toy donkey,  a bag with 30 coins in it, a small cross, a crown of thorns] that are hidden … somewhere [I don’t know where, yet]. After the kids find the objects, we sit in a circle and I read selections from the Bible that relate to all the objects. And then I give them candy to keep them from killing me happy.

I knew I had a small toy donkey somewhere, but for some reason I couldn’t find any. I found a zebra, though! A zebra’s like a donkey, right?


So I painted it.

And I painted it, and painted it, until it stopped looking so “zebra-ish” and started looking more like a donkey. Then, to keep the paint from peeling off easily, I sprayed it with a protective spray.

I even painted the eyes and hooves!

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