My mom likes to make up recipes. Sometimes they turn out horrible, and once in a while they’re fantastic.

One of her fantastic recipes is a cake with raspberry filling. I think she named it “Raspberry Fluff Cake,” but I could be mistaken. The raspberry filling is made with raspberry pie filling. And it’s fluffy.

A few years ago, we were wanting to make a Raspberry Fluff Cake, but our local grocery store didn’t have any raspberry pie filling. Neither did Wal*Mart [the closest one to us is in a town a half-hour away]. In the same town as the Wal*Mart, there are a few other grocery stores. I don’t remember why exactly we went to this particular store, but I knew that I would never go there again unless I had a death wish.

This store had low ceilings, poor lighting, and all the people [except us] there were scary [both the people working there and shopping there]. Not being familiar with this particular store, we asked a rather … scary-looking lady who worked there for help. Only, Mom didn’t remember what exactly she was looking for.

“Do you have any canned raspberries?” Mom asked.

The lady looked at Mom like she was crazy. She said incredulously, “Canned raspberries???

I had to look away or I would have laughed in her face. Her voice was just asking to be mocked. Which, of course, I have. As soon as Mom and I left the store aisle in which the lady was working, we burst into laughter, mockingly saying, “Canned raspberries???

And no, they didn’t have any canned raspberries. They didn’t exist in that store.


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