Mom and I sat down to an action/adventure/suspense movie the other day, one that we got from Netflix [Dad picked it out].

My first hint that something was wrong:


Soon after that, I saw these words:

Based on actual events.

What kind of action/adventure/suspense movie is based on actual events??

Maybe because what we were watching wasn’t an action/adventure/suspense movie, but a feel-good/tear-jerker movie.

Of course Dad forgot about telling us that the movie was an action/adventure/suspense movie instead of a medical drama. I’m all for medical dramas, except when I want to watch some thing blow up and have my heart race with anticipation of what’s around the corner??? [Or however the plot goes.]

When I hear that Harrison Ford is in the movie that I think is an action/adventure/suspense, I think I’m going to watch something like Air Force One or What Lies Beneath. Not Extraordinary Measures.

Mom and I have learned our lesson, though. Make sure the movie you think you are getting is actually the movie you are getting, instead of trusting that someone will tell you the correct plot synopsis.

[Actually, it was a pretty good movie.]


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4 responses

  1. Brenna says:

    Haha, I believe that’s called “false advertising.” 😉 I watched it too, and it made me sad. But it IS good.

    • kayquie says:

      I think Dad really wanted to watch a feel-goodery movie, but thought he’d be made fun of for wanting to watch it [which he would have been]. But he didn’t avoid the mockery, did he? 😀

  2. Brenna says:

    Nope, and it even made it to here! 😉 Lol, it’s good that he’s got…broader(?) interests…even if he’s too “manly” to admit it!