I try to keep my posting schedule of every Tuesday and Thursday with the occasional Saturday comic [I haven’t been doing too well on the comics lately, and for that I apologize]. On Tuesday, I realized that I didn’t have anything scheduled for Thursday’s post. [I was doing really well with being a week ahead of schedule, but then I went through a little depression thing for a week and now my sense of time is all messed up. And I no longer have that nice buffer of posts all scheduled ahead of time so I don’t have to scramble to get out a blog-worthy post. Or something like that. ^_^]

On Tuesday [after I realized I had nothing for Thursday], I found myself praying to God for something to write about. Preferably something a little amusing, since I like to balance my serious posts with some funny posts.

Well, He provided.

Tuesday night, I was watching TV with Dad, with my dogs Buddy Boy and Mei Mei cuddled next to me on the couch. I was petting Mei Mei on the neck, when I felt a bump.

I’m going to skip the huge, dramatic build-up and just skip to the good part. The good news is, it wasn’t a cancerous/non-cancerous skin bump/tag thing that I’d have to keep an eye on for the next however many years to make sure it didn’t get worse. The bad news was:

It was a tick.

I told Dad rather nonchalantly: “Mei Mei has a tick.”

Pfff. I wish.

It was more like, “MEI MEI HAS A TICK.” It wasn’t quite a shout, but it definitely wasn’t like I was talking about the weather with someone I have nothing more to say to than “Boy, this weather, huh?”

I spent the next few minutes hour or so the rest of the night and even up to writing this sentence on Wednesday morning feeling like a tick is crawling on my leg/back/head.

Sorry if you’re feeling that feeling now, too. [No I’m not. Miserly loves company. ;)]

Mei Mei could handle me looking at her in a concerned way for a little bit, but then Dad wanted to see. She sat there, frozen, on my lap while we looked, and as soon as we were done looking, she sprinted to the other side of the room, where there’s a chair with her blankets on it. She made a quick nest from the blankets, and proceeded to peek over the top of the blankets with her ears tucked way back and her eyes all buggy. She stayed like that until it was bedtime.

We ordered some K9 Advantix II stuff, and some heart worm stuff that night. [Stuff: The Technical Term to End All Technical Terms] Doctors Foster and Smith, you guys are my heroes. The only thing I wish they had was a Tick Twister, but that’s okay [Every time I say “Tick Twister,” I end up saying, “Twick”]. My local veterinary place has them, so I picked one up Wednesday morning, just before sitting down to write this post. [I was actually writing some of this in my head as I was driving.]

I’m sure you want to see a sort-of-blurry picture of Mei Mei with a tick on her neck, so here you go:

The tick is that black thing in between my fingers - we think it's an American dog tick

I was a little unsure of my being able to handle the 10-pound Mei Mei by myself in order to get the tick off her, so I waited until Mom was able to help me.

Who am I kidding? I just didn’t want to deal with that tick by myself!

Come to find out, it did take four hands: one to hold Mei Mei still [one of my hands, and my arms], two to keep her fur out of the way [one of my hands, one of Mom’s hands], and one to control the Tick Twister [Mom]. I had Mom use the Tick Twister because Mei Mei is less anxious when I’m holding her, compared to when Mom holds her.

The removal of the tick was a piece of cake.

I then followed the advice of a well-known university [please don’t hate me/be angry with me, Michigan fans] and bagged the tick with a slightly damp paper towel to store in my fridge for a month. And then I felt like the tick was going to make an escape, so I double-bagged it. I also wrote the date of the removal and the name of the temporary host on the bag, just in case Mei Mei starts showing symptoms of … whatever.

Of course I have to show you a picture of the tick after removal. It’s crawling on the inside of the bag, so that’s its underside we’re seeing.

And yes, we bagged the Tick Twister with the tick, because the tick didn’t want to leave it. We decided not to argue with the tick. I removed the Tick Twister after taking the picture, and gave it a good wipe-down with a Clorox wipe.

Like I said, God provided me with a blog post. And it’s slightly amusing, if I do say so. ^_^

I just wish it could have been a little less creepy-crawly.

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