I was going to start this off by acting all secretive about the baby Sister had a couple days ago, like not building suspense over the gender and such right away because of the preview on Facebook [yes, this blog has a Facebook page]. And then I realized that most of my readers, and all of the Likers on Facebook, are my personal friends, so they know all about the baby already. Or at least they should, and if they don’t, well shame.



So, without further ado, on May 6, 2012, at 2:11 am, Sister had a boy! I affectionately named him Duder for my blog, but he’s also known as Crushlore the Unmaker. We are happy to have him.

He made quite a sudden appearance. At 9:45 pm on May 5, we got the call from Sister – she was in labor. So we hurried up and instantly hit the road. For my family, this means we were leaving at about 11:15 pm.

We were still about an hour from the hospital where Sister was [she lives about 4.5-5 hours away from us] when she called us again to let us know Duder had arrived!

Yeah, that’s right – she had a short labor. For those of you who know us personally, you may remember that Sister’s labor for Bugg [my now 2-year-old niece] lasted 30 hours. Sister likes extremes and opposite ends of spectrums. [I guess “spectrums” isn’t a word, according to my spell check. Then how do they pluralize “spectrum”?]

We went straight to the hospital, arriving there at about 3:30 am. We stayed there for a while, and then we went back to Sister’s house. It was about 5:3o before we finally were ready for sleep. Only, I couldn’t sleep. I was too excited about my nephew. I was so excited that my brain went into what I call “complete take-over of all functioning mode.” This means that I am unable to eat, sleep, or do anything else but something creative, like writing, drawing, crocheting, playing guitar, etc. This time it was writing most of this blog post.

I didn’t fall asleep until 6, and then I think I passed out from exhaustion.

And then my brain was ready to go again at 8, just a mere two hours later. My brain had thought of more to write.

Dad and I had to come back home Sunday night because of obligations during the week [we left Mom at Sister’s], and then we’ll be going back for the weekend.

What I meant to write in that last sentence, though, is that I went for over 24 hours [we got back home about 11 pm] with only a good two hours of sleep. For the last hour of the car ride home, I’d reached the point where I kept seeing swirling shapes in the headlights. I was not a good copilot with the responsibility of keeping an eye open for deer. My eyes were open, but my brain was not functioning very well. [Dad napped before we left, so he’d had about 6 hours of sleep in that 24, and well able to drive.]

I can’t wait to go see my nephew again, though. He’s such a cuddler.

And for those of you wondering, Bugg absolutely LOVES her baby brother. She loves to hug him and kiss him and squish his face. When he cries, she gets very worried. I love my niece and nephew!

Although Duder’s real name will not be revealed here, I will say that his middle names [that’s right, he has 2] are after both of his papas. My dad is happy to finally have a boy from his direct genetic line named after him.

And no, I will not be posting his photograph here. However, at some point in time I will try drawing him. Sometime soon. Not today. [By today, I mean Monday, the day I wrote this post. I guess that could include Tuesday, too, depending on how tired I still am. I might have something for Saturday, but no guarantees.] ^_^

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