May 14 found me three hours west of my home, sitting in a church to meet a part of the group of people that are going to help decide if I am fit to become a pastor or a deacon for the United Methodist Church.

The introduction went well.

And then I went and made myself look like a fool.

Be composed, be composed, be composed, be completely foolish. /sigh/

Well, at least I tried. That’s all I can do – try. Try my best. Try not to fail, try not to cry, try to rely on God’s strength so I can sit back down in my chair and not have any of that pizza that I could smell right then as I wrote this.

Sometimes my stomach convinces my brain of things – like I, too, shall have some of the forbidden pizza. Even though I’m supposed to be walking a couple blocks to go get food. But my brain was so hyped on adrenaline that I didn’t really remember where they said food was. Nor do I know my around the town where the meeting took place. I didn’t want to spend my day lost, hoping for that single slice of pizza.

Sad, sad pizza.

I wanted that pizza so much I drew a sad slice of pizza. It’s every pizza’s deep desire to be eaten – and this one was sad that I wouldn’t be eating it.

Then I remembered them saying there was a cafe-type thing in the basement of the library across the street from where I was. I managed to not get lost! AND I had tasty potato-leek soup with bread. ^_^

There’s more that happened that day, because I was there for hours and hours waiting for the pastor of my church to get done in his meetings and I had to entertain myself somehow. Luckily I had with me a pen, a stack of sticky notes, and my camera [who has lovingly been named Harold]. And my mp3 player [lovingly named Cadence]. And my sense of humor. And the uncanny ability to finish doing what I was doing right before someone entered the room in which I was waiting. [This would have made me look even more foolish, if it’s at all possible.]

Come back Tuesday to see what I’m talking about, even though I’m writing, not talking.

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