I forgot to write a post for today. Earlier, anyway. I didn’t forget completely, because I remembered when I woke up this morning that today was Thursday, and I didn’t write anything ahead of time.

I was going to. An amusing this happened yesterday, that further solidified to me why I’m short.

That’s right: God made me short for a reason. And here’s why.

/Start flashback sequence/

Yesterday, I went to go play a game on my computer. It’s an awesome computer game. No, not Diablo 3. Nope, I didn’t play Portal [either the first one or the second one]. I didn’t even play The Sims 3.

I went to go play The Sims 2. That’s right. It’s an awesome game.

So I turned on the light to my office [the common area upstairs that is shared by my room and Sister’s room {when she and her family visit}], and FLASH! The light burned out.

So I went downstairs and got the two-step stepladder. Our upstairs has a shorter ceiling than downstairs, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to reach. I knew I could change this light because I’d done it before.

Something I didn’t take into account is that I usually have someone else with me, because the light is in the middle of the room and the stepladder doesn’t have any handholds. It’s very disorienting to stand up on the top of the stepladder [it’s designed for someone to do this, otherwise I wouldn’t] and then look straight up at a light fixture.

Itis very disorienting. But it took a little bit for the dizziness to set in. I had the glass cover in one hand, and the burnt out light bulb in the other, when it set in. I was useless to do anything about it with my hands full of glass objects.

Luckily the door to the upstairs was close enough for my hand holding the light bulb to find a steady place to rest.

I also  knew that Mom was soon leaving to go visit her mom in the nursing home, so I called out for help.

Mom laughed. We have such a tender relationship.

I said, “No really; I’m stuck.”

She laughed while coming up the stairs, and then she saw me.

“I’m slightly dizzy,” I said.

Then she realized that maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t a joke and that I needed some help getting down from a two-step stepladder.

She then proceeded to tease me some more. “It’s only two feet off the ground!”

“That’s why God made me this height!” I then explained to her. “If I was two feet taller, I’d get dizzy spells all the time.”

That’s right, for those of you who like to tease me for being short and who probably don’t even read this blog, God made me this way.

It’s not my fault.

I did eventually get to play me some Sims 2, after cleaning up after Moozka’s hairball, and after talking to Sister on the phone for an hour.


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