BiL didn’t come along with Sister and the kids to visit Mom, Dad, and me. He stayed home because he had to work, and he wanted to work on their house.

Sister and BiL bought their house at the end of December in 2010. It’s a beautiful home, but the people who owned it before them liked paneling a little too much. Every wall, it seemed, had paneling covering it. It would be okay, if all paneling didn’t seem to come from the 1970s. And if they hadn’t had a highlight wall of Pepto-Bismol pink. And the carpet [luckily not shag] was quite ugly.

BiL’s mother bought him and Sister laminate wood flooring for their new [to them] house. Their house is at least a hundred years old. The floors are, to say the least, warped a bit. This doesn’t work for laminate floors.

Recently, BiL pulled up the carpet in their dining room to find . . .

one-hundred-year-old oak hardwood floor.

Mom wondered what we would find if we pulled up the carpeting in our house. I told her we would probably find plywood, seeing as our house is only ten years old. [By the way, it looks like we’ll be buying the laminate flooring to put in our house, which has Mom and I very excited.]

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