While Sister and her children were visiting, Mom and Dad took us to Dad’s family’s cabin for a weekend. Dad’s younger brother owns [or co-owns – the details get a little muddy] a sailboat, and he gave us permission to use it.

I’ve never been sailing. I’ve never had an interest in sailing, except in the romantic pursuit of pirates [see definition number 4].

It all started when I was 6 and Sister was 8. It was a Fourth of July weekend.

There was a small Sunfish at the family cabin at the time; I think it had been around since Dad was a boy [or even earlier than that]. Dad and Sister were going to go sailing on the Sunfish. I don’t remember exactly what happened next; I sort of blocked a lot of the memories from that day.

All I know is that Mom was going to take me and my slightly younger cousin [we’ll call her Lynn] for a walk, and Dad and Sister were going to go sailing.

Shortly after Dad and Erin departed, we started our walk. We only got to the end of the driveway when disaster struck.


Long story short [because I want to talk about other things – no, I’m not avoiding it, I just want to talk about other things instead], a rabid dog chased me down the driveway, Mom distracted it and got bit, my paternal grandfather also got bit when he tried to restrain the dog, and then the owners came and got the dog and shot it in the head before anyone could actually test the dog for rabies. [If you read the Diagnosis part of that Wikipedia article, you’ll see that to test for rabies, they look at brain samples.]

Dad and Sister also tipped over in the Sunfish.

It was a really trying day.

It was then that I vowed I would never sail.

Until July 14, 2012, that is. Only because I wasn’t in the Sunfish. I was in a pretty stable sailboat.

I felt like Bob Wiley, like I should be tied to the mast while wearing two or three life jackets [and even one on my feet]. But I wasn’t tied to the mast. I actually was [mostly] in control of the tiller! [I did shout, “Look at me! I’m sailing!” while in the sail boat.]

Unfortunately, Sister and Mom didn’t all that great of pictures of me sailing, because they were greatly distracted by Bugg. For some reason, two-and-a-half-year-old girls are really cute, and pictures end up being taken of them instead of me.

So that means that I’ve got to go sailing again, with a more reliable photographer on shore to take awesome pictures of me sailing.

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