So, I think I might try to be a bit more regular on here again. I’ve been thinking this for a few months […yeah], and now I’m finally getting by butt back in gear. [Edit: or “my butt back in gear” – which ever floats your boat. I do have a sinus infection right now, so when I say “my butt back in gear,” it does have a tendency to sound like “by butt back in gear.”]

For those who had been trying to keep track of my doings, I’m still working at the gas station in the town where I live. This has been proven to be such a blessing! It’s amazing to see God working in my life, using me to reach out to people that others wouldn’t think worth reaching out to. [And also I don’t have to drive that far during inclement weather, and on nice days {when I feel like it} I can ride my bike or even walk to work.]

A life-altering event happened this summer: I got my first vehicle! It’s a 2009 Chevy Traverse LT, with Bose speakers, a rear-view camera, and a button to both open and close the hatch! [Okay, they’re separate buttons, but I don’t have to hoist the hatch open or slam it shut.] I’d been looking at getting a Ford Escape, but God stepped in, had Dad’s uncle talk about selling his 2009 Chevy Traverse LT for the trade-in price in front of Mom, had my paternal grandma be about to close a CD so that she could loan me some money [she was planning on doing this, anyway, but the timing was perfect], and ….

Ain't he purdy?

Ain’t he purdy?

I’d been planning on naming him [yes, my Traverse is a him] Mr. Harper, after Seamus Harper. But my Harper was not going to be a Seamus.

And then I got my license plate. The first three letters were D – A – G. I named him Dagwood Harper. ^_^

My friend B spent the summer with us, as she works summers at the gas station [the rest of the year she’s too busy being an insane, double-majoring, multiple-minoring college student – love you, sis!], and I’m still dealing with my feelings of loneliness as I have no close friends in the area again because they live too far away to see on a daily or weekly [or frankly even monthly] basis. [Side note, God is taking care of that – more may come later 😉 ]

I’ve started working in the kitchen of the gas station, which means I now make subs and pizzas on a regular basis. You know those Flatizzas Subway just came out with? We’ve been making them for a while. I can’t tell you if the ones we make are better than the ones Subway makes, because ….

I decided to try going gluten-free this summer as well, because I’d been experiencing symptoms that I might be gluten intolerant. Psoriasis is a symptom, as is “chicken skin” on the backs of your arms, and migraines. I’ve had more than my fair share of migraines – with no medical reason. [They did a CAT scan on my head, and found nothing. B’dm chh! {That was a drum sound}] There are more symptoms, but these were some of mine. The way I found out that I was gluten intolerant was avoiding gluten for a week or so, and then having delicious granola. And then I had some pasta the next day [and cake – it was maternal Grandma’s birthday], and pasta the next day [leftovers from the previous night’s dinner] … and I felt like crap for the rest of the week as the gluten worked it’s way out of my system.

Anyway. I’m working on writing up some amusing anecdotes, and I’m hoping to get back on a semi-regular schedule.

God bless you and your day!

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